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Carpet Cleaning

We offer professional carpet cleaning in Sunderland, South Shields, North Tyneside and the North East.

Hot Water Extraction

We recommend these hot water deep clean systems for full restorative cleaning. The machine is self contained driven off its own engine, optimizing a fully adjustable 100-2000PSI pump and  provides its own heat which delivers 250 °F at the wand tip. With its high power vacuum, carpets are normally dry in less than 2 hours.

  • Removes up to 65% more soil than other carpet cleaning systems.
  • Powerful vacuum reduces drying times.
  • 250°F increases chemical action giving superior cleaning results.

 Dry Compound Detergent

The unit comprises of a cylindrical brush machine and a separate up right industrial vacuum cleaner with and integral cylindrical brush.

Dry compound powder is spread onto the surface of the carpet. The compound is then agitated into the fibres with the brush machine, left for a minimum of 20 minutes then extracted using the industrial vacuum.

This method is designed as an interim maintenance clean only. We do not recommend this system for initial cleans or on heavily soiled areas. It should be used only for maintenance cleaning on a regular basis.

It does have the advantage of being a system that can be used during normal working hours and cause little or no disruption. It can also be used in areas where wet cleaning using water would be a problem such as raised computer flooring.

  • Suitable if areas are needed back in service very quickly.
  • Can be used as carpet maintainer for regular cleaning of carpets.
  • Ideal when water solutions might damage the carpet.

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